Highway 9 Road Closure

As a reminder, Highway 9 north of Highway 1 and South of the park remains closed due to slide and road repairs. So if you are coming to the park from Highway 1 the easiest option is to use Hwy 17 north to the Mt. Hermon Rd. exit in Scotts Valley to a right turn … Continued

Winter Woes

The long standing California drought has come to a blustery end. Rain totals for the season have surpassed records going back more than a decade! It seems that Nature is either on or off these days as climate change makes for an unpredictable weather environment. The good news is that Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort … Continued

Saturday and Sunday Breakfast

We also provide breakfast in the Clubhouse from the last weekend in May to the end of September (additional dates may be added based on overall occupancy), every Saturday and Sunday morning 8:30 am to 10:30 am. All of our menu items are scratch made from our cooks family recipes. Please check out our menu and plan on joining us for breakfast … Continued

An Aerial View of the Resort

   Contributed by guest Eddie Pierce. On Aug 5, 2016 This is a video of his week camp out in Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort. This aerial view shot from his Quadcopter provides a beautiful view of the tall and thick canopy of trees that the park is nestled in as well as an elevated fly through in the … Continued


As of October 23, 2015 we updated our wifi network throughout the park so as to provide a max of 50 Mbps service to 9 separate hotspots with both 2.5 ghz and 5 ghz access. However. we do ask our guests to keep in in mind that service may at times be limited due to environmental conditions, total … Continued


Campfires are allowed in an approved fire pit which, if you don’t have one of your own, we can provide for you for the duration of your stay for a one time fee of $5. We need to stress that there is a size restriction. Pits must be no larger than 35″ in diameter, have a … Continued